Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL) is the global leader in creating and operating next-generation tech-centric financial exchanges. The company drives a mass disruptive innovation that is unparalleled in financial markets. Within a short span of time, FTIL has attained commendable success and emerged as one of the leading conglomerates.
The company has established benchmarks of excellence and attained key milestones during FY 2012-13,

• FTIL equipped its Exchange Technology Solutions to keep up its pace with the mounting needs of the market. It aims to cater to the newer asset classes, viz., Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency Options recently launched at MCX-SX. In addition to this, the ‘TSO Workflow Management System’ was successfully implemented by the company at IEX.

• FTIL’s Exchange Technology Division implemented its Energy Market Management System (EMMS) for Gulf Co-operation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA).

• The Company maintained leadership position with brokerage technology solutions in domestic retail and institutional space.
• It introduced ODIN QDP to enable Qualified Foreign Investors (QFI) to participate in the Indian equity markets TM and STP-Gate Debt Market.
• FTIL expanded its range of products and services covering Exchange Solutions, Brokerage Solutions, Messaging Solutions, Connectivity Solutions, Consulting Solutions and Banking Risk & ADF Solutions.
• The company entered into various institutional alliances, membership and associations during FY 2012-13. It partnered with IBM under SVI and SVP programs and entered into Strategic Alliances with Microsoft, HP, Juniper, CISCO, Dell, APC and Stratus.
FTIL was well acknowledged for its overall excellence and proficiency in the form of various awards and accolades. It received ISO 20000:2011 certificate and ISO 14001:2004 certificate for its well-defined and executed processes. The company’s-Gate won the SKOCH Digital Inclusion Award 2012 in innovations category.

All these achievements and innovations by the FTIL hold a mirror to its unprecedented zeal to excel and reach the pinnacle of success. They are pivotal in its journey of success and helped it attain the stature of one of the leading conglomerates.

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