Financial Technologies (India) Ltd or FTIL that was founded by Jignesh Shah has been working on the lines of bequeathing state-of-the-art Exchange Technology since 1995, when the company was formed. The novel objective backing up the approach was to streamline the trade of Multi Asset and Multi Currency products, globally.

FTIL deserves the glory for pioneering a versatile and seamless end-to-end exchange system called the Exchange Technology Framework Product Suite (ETFPS). Accolades from leading exchanges of the world, outfitted with the revolutionary ETFPS, resounds the scalability and efficiency of the solutions.

An unprecedented global leader in Intellectual Property Technology, FTIL took the onus for addressing the global business challenges. It relied upon the competence and expertise of its techno functional teams and flooded the economy with next-generation liquid and transparent financial markets.

Today, ETFPS effectively powers six world-class exchanges across the globe, allowing flexibility for customization, and modular deployment in record time. The solutions are bifurcated in three major branches, which are International, Standard and Compact.

The list includes comprehensive Exchange Solutions, such as DOME, CnS, FOVEA, Risk Management, TRADEDART, MarketXstream, DMATS and ECS. They have been designed to deal with aspects like trading, technology, surveillance, risk management and exchange customization.

Dome is an ideal platform covering multiple stages of the Trading Life Cycle, whereas CnS works as a multi-faceted post trading solution. FOVEA and Risk Management are for surveillance of exchange activities and pro-active risk analysis. The web-based trading solution, TRADEDART, comes with special features like auction trading, continuous trading, and OTC Contracts. MarketXstream is for implementing market depth dissemination smartly, while DMATS integrates security and technology. Exchange Technology’s sub division, Exchange Customization Services (ECS) is designed to empower exchanges to undertake customized and seamless development.

FTIL successfully leverages technology for creation of scalable operating models for pre-trade, trade & post-trade exchange activities amongst fast-growing economies of India, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.



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