Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL) is the pioneer in FinTech innovations and operating next-generation tech-centric financial exchanges. Since its incorporation in the year 1995, the company has attained commendable success and emerged as one of the leading conglomerates. It is well-acknowledged for introducing end-to-end solutions that support high-density transactions.

FTIL has successfully created high-tech, cutting-edge and people-centric financial markets. It has provided ample growth opportunities to millions of new stakeholders in the financial system. The company strives to establish India as the leading technology powerhouse with all its endeavors. Owing to its sheer hard work and unconventional initiatives, the company has established benchmarks on potential and possibility of financial markets development.

Leveraging its core strength in the technology domain, FTIL has established new standards of excellence in financial innovations. It has garnered positive reviews and not received any complaint from exchanges or intermediaries, which are its biggest clients and customers. Its contributions are not just limited to the private sector but include the public capital markets as well.

Apart from establishing India on the economic forefront, FTIL has led India to the global league in terms of exchange operations in major segments, such as commodities, currencies and energy. A nationwide study by a leading research institution, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), described Jignesh Shah-led MCX as “A Million Jobs and a Million More Opportunities”.

Thus it is apt to say that FTIL has set a commendable precedent for all the aspiring conglomerates who look forward to replicate its success in India.



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