FTIL’s net profits take an exponential leap of Rs 12.36 crore


 A recent revenue reportgeneratedby Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL) registersa net profit of Rs 12.36 crorein the April-June 2016quarter.
 The fact that FTIL incurred a loss of Rs 45.3 crore in the same quarter a year ago makes this turnaround aremarkable achievement.
 This first positive accomplishment for FT Group in seven quarters resulted from a rise in operational income from Rs 35 crore in the first quarter of 2015 to Rs 35.94 crore in the corresponding period of this fiscal.
 The sharp jump in ‘other income’ from Rs 3.30 crore last year to Rs 62.74 crore in April-June quarter of 2016 puts FTIL in great light before all those who were skeptical of the group’s mettle.
 The current hikein profits validates FTIL’s resolution of fighting an unfair litigation and shining even intough times.


Jignesh Shah’s FTIL is an apt example of PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’drive


  • Jignesh Shah flashed like a blazing meteor across the Indian financial sector with the establishment of Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL) in 1995.
  • This young entrepreneurenvisioned the Indian economy to be at par with major global powers.
  • He aimed at modernizing the commodities trading market in India and created novel institutional forces, such as the MCX (Asia’s second largest) and the National Stock Exchange (NSEL).
  • JigneshShah, often called the ‘Czar of Exchanges’, lifted FTIL to the apex of success.
  • FTIL became the ‘powered by’ engine of choice for over 90% of India’s trading-platform deals.
  • The FT Groupadded speed and volume to trading, leaving behind international competitors like IBM, TCS, Compaq and Teknekron.

FTIL Created a Million Jobs. A Million More to Follow


Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL) began its operations in 1995. Since then, world class establishments, such as Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), DGCX, NBHC and Bourse Africa have been brought into existence by FTIL.


All these top-notch companies not only contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the Indian GDP, they also created over a million jobs at home and abroad. Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai and Mauritius invited FTIL to develop their financial markets.

ftil group.png

FTIL’s tremendous growth ensured high returns to its 63k-plus shareholders. Ecosystem institutions and exchanges of the group have strong connection with the real economy. Thus generation of newer jobs and growth opportunities are always on the cards.


FTIL lays emphasis on skill development and knowledge management in particular. Their approach is highly effective in enhancing abilities of employees in relevant fields. The Group’s aim is not just job creation, but it also aims to create a supportive and competitive environment that provides plenty of room for growth.


The dogma of Jignesh Shah, founder of FTIL, overlaps the ideology of the company. As a big corporate house, FTIL understands its responsibilities towards the social and economic development of India.


Jignesh Shah’s FTIL Transformed Stock and Commodity Markets for the better

Back in the 1990s, Stock and Commodity exchanges in India were far from being technologically sound. The markets used to work on a highly traditional platform that needed advancements.

Not many entrepreneurs or entities sensed the need of a technological breakthrough. But there are visionaries who possess the ability of thinking out of the box. One such visionary, a former Bombay Stock Exchange employee, realized that he could contribute to India’s financial market. His name is Jignesh Shah, the founder of Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL).

Jignesh Shah founded FTIL in 1995, with a clear goal of transforming financial markets in India.

FTIL began providing technological assistance to numerous stock exchanges in India, which included the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The company provided software and technical solutions for online trading. During this period, the involvement of Indian markets in commodity exchange was nearly non-existent. Jignesh Shah saw the scope for an incredible growth in the two sectors.

FTIL and Jignesh Shah’s exceptional work was appreciated and recognized by many. Some of the prestigious awards bagged by this genius include:

  • Global IT Innovation Award (12 Jan, 2007)
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Ranking And CEO Survey 2006 (12 Dec, 2006)
  • IMM Top Organization Award (17 Jan, 2007)
  • IT People Award For Product Innovation (19 Jan, 2007)
  • NASSCOM Innovation Awards 2007 (13 Feb, 2007)

Jignesh Shah’s path-breaking ideas about commodity exchanges were not just limited to India. Markets in Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain and Africa also invited FTIL to work on their functionalities.

As a result of Jignesh Shah’s determination and diligence, FTIL’s tech-driven products were able to connect different financial markets for a better financial growth.


FTIL – Marking excellence in financial sector

Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL) is the pioneer in FinTech innovations and operating next-generation tech-centric financial exchanges. Since its incorporation in the year 1995, the company has attained commendable success and emerged as one of the leading conglomerates. It is well-acknowledged for introducing end-to-end solutions that support high-density transactions.

FTIL has successfully created high-tech, cutting-edge and people-centric financial markets. It has provided ample growth opportunities to millions of new stakeholders in the financial system. The company strives to establish India as the leading technology powerhouse with all its endeavors. Owing to its sheer hard work and unconventional initiatives, the company has established benchmarks on potential and possibility of financial markets development.

Leveraging its core strength in the technology domain, FTIL has established new standards of excellence in financial innovations. It has garnered positive reviews and not received any complaint from exchanges or intermediaries, which are its biggest clients and customers. Its contributions are not just limited to the private sector but include the public capital markets as well.

Apart from establishing India on the economic forefront, FTIL has led India to the global league in terms of exchange operations in major segments, such as commodities, currencies and energy. A nationwide study by a leading research institution, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), described Jignesh Shah-led MCX as “A Million Jobs and a Million More Opportunities”.

Thus it is apt to say that FTIL has set a commendable precedent for all the aspiring conglomerates who look forward to replicate its success in India.


FTIL’s pivotal role in revolutionizing trading technology in India

With a new wave of economic liberalization, India began to emerge as brand equity for global outsourcing. This had a major impact on the Indian stock markets which started to emerge as corporate entities, transgressing the closed confines of broker-dominated exchanges. It was during this time that the ground-breaking role of Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL) was exhibited.

Backed by the proficient leadership of Jignesh Shah, BE (Electronics),Dewang Neralla, BE (Computer Science) and Ghanshyam Rohira, BE (Computer Science), the company revolutionized the trading technology in India. With an ardent desire to place India on the map of the global capital markets, Jignesh Shah, along with the other members leveraged the skills they earned as engineers and launched a cutting-edge trading technology. Using this technology, the brokers could trade multiple products in different exchanges using just one desktop.

It revolutionized the trading technology in India where it was courted by virtually every exchange, broker, sub-broker, and market intermediary. In the securities industry, “ODIN” was the trading solution desired by everyone. With the help of FTIL, it was made affordable to thousands of broking firms, small and big, individual and corporate, across the country.

The concepts of robustness, superlative quality and cost effectiveness were effectively infused in the trading technology developed by FTIL. Owing to its high-tech features, it emerged as the market leader (Number 1 in India and Number 2 in the world) in trading technology. The company continues to hold the position from the past 15 years.

The trading technology developed by FTIL has been of great help to the Indian stock markets, making them expand their operation across the country and gaining access to millions of investors and institutions. It has played a pivotal role in establishing India on the economic forefront.

FTIL- The path breaker in exchange industry

How FTIL changed the way the world perceives the Indian Stock Markets


Financial Technologies (India) Ltd. (FTIL) is India’s leading financial service companywhich drives a mass disruptive innovation, unparalleled in the financial sector. Over the years, the company has attained commendable success and emerged as the global leader in creating technology-driven futuristic financial markets.

It is pioneering the financial sector by providing expert and state-of-the-art Exchange Solutions, Brokerage Solutions, Messaging, Consultation, and Risk solutions. The company has spearheaded multi-asset-class trading technologies which aided the Indian markets to expand their reach all over the country.

In a short span of time, FTIL has established benchmarks of excellence and emerged as the path breaker in the exchange industry. The company has revolutionized exchange operations in India, which was nowhere nearthe globally recognized exchanges till the early 2000. It was the time when hardly a product or two were traded on the exchanges. Backed up with a proficient leadership, the company launched a wide range of exchanges in India.

FTIL has to its credit the honour of developing exchange – traded derivatives markets covering every sphere that India has witnessed in the post-reform period. It has aided a number of businesses and enterprises to safeguard their business and growth from price risk.

Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) was the first exchange launched by the Financial Technologies Group that eventually emerged as one of the leading commodity exchanges in India. Owing to its professional expertise and excellent track record of the promoters, MCX obtained the license to trade in commodity futures. The Founder and Chief Mentor of the group, Mr Jignesh Shah dreamt of making India, once again, “the commodity trading hub between Tokyo and London.”

With the launch of MCX, India emerged as the pioneer of commodity trading. Its success has set a commendable precedent for the exchange industry.

FTIL laid an exemplary role in transforming the way financial exchanges work worldwide

Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL), founded by Jignesh Shah, is an unprecedented global leader in building and operating cost-efficient, scalable and next-generation technology solutions for financial markets worldwide. It has been a preferred technology partner to major tech-enabled exchanges across multiple asset classes, such as commodities, equity, currency and debt.

Founder Jignesh Shah, a thought leader and true entrepreneur, embarked on FTIL’s inspirational journey in the year 1995. He is also known as the ‘Innovator of Modern Financial Markets’ for formulating the ground-breaking Private Partnership (PPP) model for development of modern IP-centric financial markets.

FTIL has been honored with numerous accolades fortransforming the financial scenarios of India as well as other emerging economies, such as the South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa with many successful global ventures. Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX), Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX), National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL), IBS Forex Limited, Global Board of Trade (GBOT), Safal National Exchange (SNX), Ticker plant, Financial Technologies Middle East (FTME), Riskraft Consulting Limited, and Atom Technologies Limited are among the top exchange and ecosystemventures of the FTIL Group.

Founder Jignesh Shah’s leadership and sharp business acumen is the backbone of Financial Technologies Group’s unmatched success story.  The flagship product suite, which includes hi-tech digital transaction solutions, has made FTIL secure a place in the ‘Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in India’ as cited by Deloitte &Touche.

The impeccable combination of vertically integrated products, technology and domain expertise makes FTIL the ‘No.1 Indian Company’ offering the highest shareholder returns, as per Business World magazine’s BW 500 annual ranking. FTIL has also received recognition as the ‘8th Most Valued Software Company in India’.

Jignesh Shah’s novel vision of bringing globaleconomic and social development deserves appreciation. The present FTIL crises, is, thus, crucial in deciding the fate of millions of investors and buyers across financial and trading spaces.

FTIL the Global leader in developing next-generation financial exchange solutions

Financial Technologies (India) Ltd or FTIL that was founded by Jignesh Shah has been working on the lines of bequeathing state-of-the-art Exchange Technology since 1995, when the company was formed. The novel objective backing up the approach was to streamline the trade of Multi Asset and Multi Currency products, globally.

FTIL deserves the glory for pioneering a versatile and seamless end-to-end exchange system called the Exchange Technology Framework Product Suite (ETFPS). Accolades from leading exchanges of the world, outfitted with the revolutionary ETFPS, resounds the scalability and efficiency of the solutions.

An unprecedented global leader in Intellectual Property Technology, FTIL took the onus for addressing the global business challenges. It relied upon the competence and expertise of its techno functional teams and flooded the economy with next-generation liquid and transparent financial markets.

Today, ETFPS effectively powers six world-class exchanges across the globe, allowing flexibility for customization, and modular deployment in record time. The solutions are bifurcated in three major branches, which are International, Standard and Compact.

The list includes comprehensive Exchange Solutions, such as DOME, CnS, FOVEA, Risk Management, TRADEDART, MarketXstream, DMATS and ECS. They have been designed to deal with aspects like trading, technology, surveillance, risk management and exchange customization.

Dome is an ideal platform covering multiple stages of the Trading Life Cycle, whereas CnS works as a multi-faceted post trading solution. FOVEA and Risk Management are for surveillance of exchange activities and pro-active risk analysis. The web-based trading solution, TRADEDART, comes with special features like auction trading, continuous trading, and OTC Contracts. MarketXstream is for implementing market depth dissemination smartly, while DMATS integrates security and technology. Exchange Technology’s sub division, Exchange Customization Services (ECS) is designed to empower exchanges to undertake customized and seamless development.

FTIL successfully leverages technology for creation of scalable operating models for pre-trade, trade & post-trade exchange activities amongst fast-growing economies of India, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


12 prominent personalities who transformed FTIL into India’s leading conglomerate

Financial Technologies (India) Ltd (FTIL) is the global leader in creating technology driven next-generation financial markets. It drives a mass disruptive innovation that is unparalleled in financial markets. Within a short span of time, the company has attained commendable success and established benchmarks of excellence in its field. It has emerged as the leading solution provider to Exchange Solutions, Brokerage Solutions, Messaging, Consultation and Risk Solutions. It has a skilled team of experts who specialize in creating and operating financial markets. Backed with their proficient leadership, FTIL has successfully reached the pinnacle of success.

Mr. Prashant Desai is the Managing Director & CEO of FTIL who has played an unprecedented role in making it one of the leading conglomerates. He started his career with Indian equities and headed institutional research and sales at United Credit Securities Limited, Kolkata in 1995.

Mr. Jigish Sonagara, the Executive Director of FTIL is one of the leading Trading Transaction Technology Specialists. Backed with over 14 years of professional experience in implementing automation for all aspects of Trading Transaction Technologies, he has strong functional, technical and operational expertise in diverse trading market as well.

Mr. Rajendra Mehta, the Executive Director – Risk Solutions, Human Resource and Administration, FTIL boasts of having 22 years of professional experience in the Capital Market, particularly in Stock Broking and Investment Banking.

Mr. Keshav Samant, President & CEO, Brokerage Technology Solutions has an experience of over 17 years in the BFSI Technology industry. Prior to his success at FTIL, he has worked in various prominent global financial institutions like Religare and Mubasher Group.

Mr. Mehmood Vaid currently heads the Exchange Technology division of FTIL. He is a techno-domain expert and is proficient in Order Routing Solution, Clearing & Settlement Solution, Software Products for Exchanges, Members’ Back Office Solution & Straight Through Processing (STP).

Dr. Madhoo Pavaskar, Director – Research & Strategy, FTIL has to his credit a varied and vast experience of over 55 years, of which he served as the Executive Director of Tata Economic Consultancy Services (TECS) for 23 years and the Head of Forward Markets for six years.

Mr. Paras Ajmera, the President, FTIL Group is an expert in Exchange Technology Solutions, allied infrastructure. He has delivered an unparalleled role in catapulting FTIL from a technology solutions provider to a creator of next-generation global exchanges in emerging economies of Asia, Africa and the Middle-East.

Mr. Devendra Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer – Finance & Accounts is a versatile personality with excellent managerial abilities.

Mr. Nimish Shukla , the President – Corporate Affairs & Communications steers and oversees all the aspects of FTIL and Group Companies’ Communications and Corporate Affairs.

Mr. Pratap Polkam, Chief Technology Officer has played the pivotal role in setting up different world-class exchanges such as the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), MCX-Stock Exchange (MCX-SX), Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX), Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX), Bourse Africa, Mauritius, National Spot Exchange Ltd. (NSEL), IBS Forex, and Bahrain Financial Exchange (BFX).

Mr. Hariraj Chouhan, Vice-President & Company Secretary – Secretarial has been associated with Financial Technologies (India) Limited since December 2003 and has over 20 years of professional experience in the field of Corporate Laws, Corporate Governance, Legal and Corporate Secretarial.

Mr. Sanjay Lopez, Vice President – Admin – General & Procurement is an astute techno–commercial professional who is actively involved in development of Sourcing/Commercial strategies, Vendor identification, Development and Analytical Assessment to strengthen SCM effectiveness in large Manufacturing and IT/ Telecom setup.

Thus, it is apt to say that FTIL certainly owes its success to all these prominent personalities who have sailed it through its highs and lows to emerge as one of the leading conglomerates.